The Single-Use Plastic Problem In Soccer

Refill90 was born from a heart-stopping realization: Recycling, the solution we all trusted, is failing us.

Struck by this truth, two soccer parents, Pam Wagner and Robb Wagner, were moved to action. Haunted by the sight of plastic waste piling up on the sidelines of countless soccer games—tournaments, matches, and practices alike—they knew there had to be a more sustainable way to quench players' thirst.

With a deep commitment to our planet's health and future generations' well-being, they bootstrapped a self-funded mission to revolutionize hydration in soccer, ensuring players could stay refreshed without leaving a footprint on the Earth we all share.

Our Refillable Solution

Their solution was as innovative as it was simple. Armed with an EZ-Up tent, ice, and water, they offered a sustainable hydration alternative.

Bring a refillable bottle — Get free water and ice.

For those without, refillable bottles were made available for purchase. This small act of environmental activism quickly caught on, and soon Refill90 became a fixture at every major soccer tournament across Southern California.

Inspired by the SoCal surf and skate culture, our branded black and white tents became symbols of sustainability in the soccer community. It wasn't long before Refill90 'Protect The Pitch' stickers adorned water bottles on youth soccer fields everywhere, a testament to our impact and reach.

Who's Playing for the Planet, and Who's Just Scoring Profits?

Refill90, like many initiatives, found itself navigating the rough waters of the pandemic. This unforeseen challenge momentarily paused our journey, but it never quenched our dedication or resolve.

Now, as we emerge stronger and more committed, Refill90 is weaving a network of partnerships with principled soccer leagues, clubs, teams, and organizations who share our vision: hydration that honors our planet's well-being.

As we move forward in this post-pandemic world, it's a pivotal moment to observe which organizations align with our sustainability ethos. It's a chance to see who steps up to join us in our mission, embracing the opportunity to make a real difference.

We warmly invite you to be part of this exciting next chapter. Together, we can 'Protect The Pitch' and pave the way for a more sustainable future in the beautiful game—one refill at a time.