Staying hydrated shouldn’t pollute our fields, harm our health, or threaten our planet.

Help us 'Protect The Pitch' and the planet from single-use plastic pollution.

Your membership and refillable bottle purchases help Refill90 bring Free Water activations to youth soccer tournaments across the country. Everyone with a refillable bottle gets free drinking water and ice on us all tournament long. No strings attached.

We are 100% member supported. Choose your membership level and purchase your refillable bottle today. If you do, there's a better chance that we'll see you at your next tournament with free water and ice. Help us share sustainable hydration!


91 out of every 100 plastic bottles do not get recycled.

Even when you put them into the blue recycling bin, more than 90% of plastic bottles end up polluting our fields, damaging our communities and harming our planet Earth. 


Why should sustainability matter to youth soccer?

For many of us, soccer is more than just a sport, it's our lifestyle.


Earth-friendly hydration should be accessible to everyone.

Give a bottle to a young soccer player in need. 

Your generous purchase will directly provide a refillable water bottle to a soccer player from an underserved community. Give the gift of clean hydration and reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles on our planet!

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